Associate membership includes any non-United States optometry schools that have received any accredited status from the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education. Non-United States schools meeting the qualifications for active membership may elect to be Active Members.

Annual Dues: $10,000


  • The benefits of being an ASCO Associate Member of ASCO include:
  • Invitations to attend ASCO Board meetings and Annual Meetings as an observer
  • Partial participation of faculty in ASCO’s bi-annual Summer Institute for Faculty Development and the Future Faculty Program
  • Partial faculty/administrator support and participation in ASCO Special Interest Group activities
  • Directors receive and can contribute news items to ASCO publications such as “Optometric Education”, ASCO’s on-line journal and “Eye on Education”, ASCO’s electronic newsletter
  • Invitation and attendance at ASCO Annual Leadership Luncheon
  • Use of the title “Associate Member” -- Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry”
  • Listed as an Associate Member on ASCO’s web page,

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