Developing Schools and Colleges of Optometry

Developing schools and colleges of optometry that have achieved either the Accreditation Council of Optometric Education’s Stage One or Stage Two Applicant status but not Preliminary Approval Accreditation status are permitted to participate in certain ASCO programs and activities as determined from time to time by policies proposed by ASCO’s Executive Committee and approved by ASCO’s Board of Directors.

Annual Dues: $10,000
Participation Opportunities
Participation will include opportunities to attend/observe the following:

  • ASCO’s Annual and Board of Directors’ meetings by the chief executive officer of the optometry school/college (dean or president)
  • The two ASCO Chief Academic Officer (CAO) meetings by the CAO of the optometry school or college
  • The Student Affairs Officers (SAOs) Annual Meeting by the SAO of the optometry school or college
  • ASCO Special Interest Group meetings by faculty as designated by the school or college’s dean or president
Possible Participation Opportunities
  • Biannual Summer Institute for Faculty Development (SIFD)
  • Biannual Future Faculty Program (FFP)
  • IPEC Summit
Other Criteria
  • All such participation will be without voting privileges
  • Participation in certain meetings may require a non-member registration fee as determined by each SIG.  ASCO member institutional participants also pay registration fees to such meetings
  • Travel and related expenses to independent meetings or those held in conjunction with other conferences will be the responsibility of the school or college or individual participants and not ASCO

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